The wedding cake is not usually at the top of the wedding planning list and it shouldn’t be. Before you can decide on the best cake for your big day, knowing the elements of your dress design and reception décor will help you choose a cake that fits your theme. Here are some other tips to choosing your wedding cake:

How big?

A 3 tier cake will serve between fifty and one hundred guests. For two hundred guests or more you’ll need 5 layers. You can choose between a stacked cake where the layers sit directly on top of each other, or have columns between the tiers.


Wedding cakes are often priced per slice. Fondant icing is more expensive than butter-cream, but if you’re marrying outdoors in the heat, butter-cream will melt. If you want elaborate decorations, vibrant colors or handmade detailing, each slice becomes more expensive. If you want an extravagant cake, order a smaller size and have sheet cakes in the same flavor to feed the guests. You can also decorate the cake with seasonal flowers and fruit for an elegant finish that won’t cost as much. Another idea is to have another choice of dessert so the cake doesn’t have to be as big.

Choosing a baker

Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Visit two or three bakeries with a selection of pictures on your tablet or smartphone showing the style of cake that you like. It’s important to let the baker know your budget so that they know how to create what you want to fit the money available. Always taste samples of all the flavours in the cake you want before placing an order.


Cake Display

Check whether the cake can be collected or whether it needs to be delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. If you have ordered an elaborate cake, allow your baker time and space on the day to assemble it. Your cake will likely be on display before it is cut and shared, so show off the work of art on a designated cake table. A round table is perfect for round cakes, a square table for a square cake. Dress up the table with a pretty cloth and flowers to match.

Cake Toppers

Cool-kitsch plastic figurines can be fun, but if you have an heirloom piece or other item or idea you want to incorporate, liaise with the baker to get the best look. If you can show the baker pictures of your idea that will help them incorporate your ideas into the design. A sugar block carved in your new monogram is another popular cake topper or you can choose not to have a cake topper at all.

Saving the top tier

It is tradition to save the top tier of your cake until your first anniversary, or the birth of your first child, but some cakes do not last well. Treat yourself at your one-month anniversary and buy another cake for your first anniversary or baby.

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Presents and other stuff

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